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i finally got around to setting up an imagekind account.  if you are unfamiliar with imagekind it is essentially a repository of photography that is available for either viewing of purchase.  you can view my account here; if you see anything you like you’ll be able to purchase museum quality high end archival prints in a variety of sizes for very reasonable prices.  they will even frame and mount it for you!  you will find the two examples posted here as well as a number of other photographs (architecturally focused on the way we live of course) go check it out, let me know what you think.


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my old housemate, adam, formerly of the awesome blog perpetural-elaboration has a new blog up in running in conjunction with his ongoing digital portfolio.  speaking of, he’s got new photo books and other artwork available for purchase at go have a look for yourself.

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super stairs


a great blog that i found this afternoon, deputydog, has a awesome list of some really creative staircases.  there’s everything from ingenious storage solutions to outlandish suspended stairs to simply amusing slide/stair combos.  go check it out.  while you’re over there you may want to work your way through some older posts as well as there are a bunch of really fun and interesting things to be found!

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i wanted to take a moment and point out a pair of great illustrators (similar to those we’ve mentioned before), one through a digital portfolio and the other through a personal blog.  amy mckay is an illustrator whose images include both the picture above and the next two below this.


her web 2.0 digital portfolio is stuffed full of wonderful little gems to stumble through.  everything from the vibrant and bold watercolor at the top to the more whimsically playful wizard sketch below.


personally, i love the playfulness of the drawings and the emotion of the colors.   i could spend a long time on her website perusing (and i have).  you should check it out for yourself.


the second digital collection of illustration is the blog depublished.  in a very different style for amy mckay, depublished has a series of brilliant architectural sketches.  i’m a big fan of the building on a hill just above.


for me, i enjoy how depublished has taken the complexity of the structures and distilled them to their core iconic components, as if stripping the building down to its soul.  have a look-see.


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architecture talk


i’ve really been getting into podcasts lately and in my browsing of the itunes podcast library i found a wonderful series by the name of architecture talk. hosted by kevin, from chicago, this podcast series is full of very insightful and creative critiques and discussions pertaining to architecture in all it’s many forms. one of my favorite episodes was number 17. in it, kevin interviews john hill of the ever-informative archidose on the subjects of starchitects. unfortunately, it doesn’t appear that the series has been updated in quite some time. nonetheless, if you haven’t already listened to them they might as well be new to you so go subscribe at itunes or at his website. in the meantime, i’m going to continue hoping he posts some new episodes.

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mattias inks


so in checking out the moleskine project yesterday i found a very creative artist in mattias adolphsson. i took a look-see at mattias’ blog/digital portfolio of sketches and was amazed by the whimsically creative nature of them.


mattias is a freelance illustrator working from sweden. i love the simplicity of the sketches in combination with their sheer creativity. if you’ve got a few minutes i’d give his page a look, it’s very fun.


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our good friend over at looper, who has provided us with endless eyecandy over the last year or so, has moved to new york. if you enjoy photoblogs, especially his last one, looper, i’m sure you’ll love his latest endeavor: 24gotham.

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digital portfolio


an old housemate of mine and author of the ever-interesting blog perpetual-elaboration, has been assembling a pretty unique digital portfolio over at he’s recently uploaded some more photos, graphics, and artwork that is pretty impressive and worth a look-see. feel free to drop him a line at and let him know what you think. additionally, it looks like he’s going to begin selling some pieces in the near future, so if you are interested just let him know.

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isn’t everyone sleepy?


the last blog i discovered inspired me to find a few more great ones. sleepyurbanite is another photoblog, this one, however, is done via a camera phone. sleepyurbanite, as you may expect, focuses on people sleeping in public places, which is an incredible common yet incredibly personal experience.


technology meets indie art. i love the word-free narrative presented in these images. the honesty of people caught at their most vulnerable points inside the urban environment. the images themselves are intriguing, yet simple. all in all, sleepyurbanite is a fasciniting site with a unique idea worthy of a look-see.


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eye candy


the other day i ran across a wonderful blog called looper. the blog is a photo journal from one person’s perspective in the chicago loop. devyn, who runs looper, lives on block 58 which is smack dab in the heart of loop. his photos are phenomenal; i find his night shots especially stunning.


the beauty and simplicity presented in many of his images is soothing. personally, i love how each picture presents a unique aspect of city life, some candid, some planned, all brilliant. if you haven’t seen looper, i’d recommend you head over there and give it a once over, it’s worth the trip. devyn has a link to his old site at the top as well as a link to buy his photos (at very reasonable prices i might add). you can contact him at i’ve always found this sort of artistic presentation of the urban experience very engaging.


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