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photo friday: the bean


here’s a shot i love: the reflection of the chicago skyline along south michigan avenue as seen through annish kapoor’s marvelous “cloudgate,” affectionately referred to as “the bean.”   the way the skyline is warped and bent through the seamless reflective sculpture gives the image an ethereal watercolor like quality.  in a way it’s almost like a rea-life salvador dali painting.  this photo was taken using kodak ektachrome professional plus 100 speed film.

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photo friday: bp3


the sun sets on this precast concrete construction site.  located in bolingbrook, illinois (west of chicago), this building, aptly named bolingbrook point 3, was a large industrial spec building with some incredible forms at the office/entry bays.  the form of the building and the photo’s composition make this shot so wonderful.  the rich colors of the sky and the sunlight-warmed unfinished concrete walls compliment each other quite nicely.  the building seems to stretch on forever though and it makes me wonder about the appropriateness of such structures.  while they are certainly indispensable in the transportation and storage of goods through and into cities, i wonder if we shouldn’t be thinking about overhauling the entire way we think about manufacture and distribution. a larger network of smaller, localized buildings and patchworks of infrastructure may more appropriately serve the way we live.  as always you can find more photos here.

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photo friday: starry night


this photo was posted to my friend kyle’s photoblog, oh yeah photos, back in early january. it’s, by far, one of the better (and certainly crisper) chicago skyline night shots i’ve seen. i love the purple tones in the sky juxtasposed to the already illuminated windows. the series of uber-bright street lights in the lower left adds a nice little visual punch to the composition. even if i hadn’t told you it was posted in january one could tell it was taken around the holiday season by virtue of the red and green lights at the top of the sears tower.

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photo friday: fifth ave.


this photo was lifted from devyn’s nyc photoblog, 24gotham.  as one of our favorite blogs we’ve mentioned it before, but it always proves interesting.  this is a powerful shot to be sure.   according to the metadata it was taken with a nikon d80, which just makes me jealous.  the overwhelming perspective combined with the dynamic black and white tones really make this picture pop (not to mention a certain special building in the background anchoring the whole composition).  if you’ve never seen 24gotham be sure to check it out (you could also venture to his old chicago-based photoblog, aptly named looper, if you’re feeling adventurous).

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photo friday: stoic standpipe


after a long absence and a busy life i’m back to posting (hopefully very regularly).  this friday’s photo is a quiet compilation of standpipes that  stoically keep time on along state street here in chicago on the south edge of the loop.  i love the combination of tones and depth of field in this image.  i shot this frame last october using kodak ektachrome professional plus color slide film.

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photo friday: street blur


captured in much the same style as last friday’s photographic experiment, this image was shot at night while in a moving car.  setting the exposure to bulb and driving down a neon and street light filled street i was able to capture light in a whimsical, playful, not always obvious sort of way.  using kodak ektachrome professional plus color slide film the vibrant hues of the lights was richened to an almost ethereal level.  this photo has always struck me for its dynamic and surreal color and motion combination.  as always, more photos are available here and here.

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photo friday: wormhole


like the universe in a photo, i love how this image captures a combination of lighting patterns as they spiral across the image frame.  i shot this a little while back using kodak ektachrome professional plus color slide film (i highly recommend the film for its vivid color tones and wonderful lighting balance).  the “wormhole” shot was accomplished by setting the exposure to the bulb setting, decreasing the aperture accordingly to compensate, and rotating the camera 90 degrees while exposing the film.  i won’t tell you exactly what you‘re looking at, but suffice it to say you would never expect this outcome from such an everyday occurence.  this photo was part of an exploaratory series of images in which i was attempting the idea was capturing motion by means of camera manipulation rather than in the more traditional sense of shooting moving objects.  you can find this photo and others like it at my imagekind gallery.  happy friday.

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photo friday: constructivism


here’s a picture i took at a job site in suburban chicagoland about two years ago.  what struck me about the scene was how honest the conversation seemed to be.   though one the best parts may be the maersk sealand shipping container in the background.

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i finally got around to setting up an imagekind account.  if you are unfamiliar with imagekind it is essentially a repository of photography that is available for either viewing of purchase.  you can view my account here; if you see anything you like you’ll be able to purchase museum quality high end archival prints in a variety of sizes for very reasonable prices.  they will even frame and mount it for you!  you will find the two examples posted here as well as a number of other photographs (architecturally focused on the way we live of course) go check it out, let me know what you think.


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photo friday: ghostly visions

station-left-a2.jpg station-right-a2.jpg

so i mentioned last week i’ve been spending a lot of time in the darkroom recently. that being said, i finally got the chance to print some of the thesis related images i took. above are two of those images. intended to be a two-part photo, the idea of this composition and the others, in the series is to capture people in transition. ultimately the collection of images will become a personal documentary of the human aspect of flexibility and transition as it applies to my thesis. the technical information: i shot these photos using kodak plus-x 125 black and white negative film, hand processed and developed in a dark room. there are a couple of things about these photos that i love. first, the two-part perspective really captures the depth and the long perspective of the interior space. second, the long exposure did a phenomenal job at ghosting the people as they moved through the train station during morning rush hour. finally, the mood, i think the photos do a great job of capturing the hustle and chaos of the morning commute at the train station, and in a larger sense it’s a snap shot of the way we live.

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