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photo friday: street blur


captured in much the same style as last friday’s photographic experiment, this image was shot at night while in a moving car.  setting the exposure to bulb and driving down a neon and street light filled street i was able to capture light in a whimsical, playful, not always obvious sort of way.  using kodak ektachrome professional plus color slide film the vibrant hues of the lights was richened to an almost ethereal level.  this photo has always struck me for its dynamic and surreal color and motion combination.  as always, more photos are available here and here.

28 December 2007 - Posted by | photo, society


  1. Hey Geoff, Haven’t seen a new post for a while… know you are missed.

    Comment by Devyn | 2 February 2008 | Reply

  2. thanks devyn, i know i’ve been absent for a while. stay tuned…

    Comment by Geoff | 8 February 2008 | Reply

  3. This picture is exactly what my band is looking for for our upcoming album cover. Who could I speak to about using it?

    Comment by Josh | 16 February 2012 | Reply

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