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photo friday: wormhole


like the universe in a photo, i love how this image captures a combination of lighting patterns as they spiral across the image frame.  i shot this a little while back using kodak ektachrome professional plus color slide film (i highly recommend the film for its vivid color tones and wonderful lighting balance).  the “wormhole” shot was accomplished by setting the exposure to the bulb setting, decreasing the aperture accordingly to compensate, and rotating the camera 90 degrees while exposing the film.  i won’t tell you exactly what you‘re looking at, but suffice it to say you would never expect this outcome from such an everyday occurence.  this photo was part of an exploaratory series of images in which i was attempting the idea was capturing motion by means of camera manipulation rather than in the more traditional sense of shooting moving objects.  you can find this photo and others like it at my imagekind gallery.  happy friday.

21 December 2007 Posted by | photo | 1 Comment