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apologies and updates


let’s start with the apologies to all my readers. i know things have been thin around here for the last week or two and i’m sorry for that. i’ll be the first to admit i was slammed with end-of-the-semester work. of course, now that its all behind me, you can expect regular posting to resume. while i gather some more information to discuss be sure to stop by the new york times and read the article in today’s paper about the issue of starchitecture, something we’ve mentioned before; personally, i think article misses the point, but a good read nonetheless. also, check out greendweller’s recent posts, there is an exceptionally interesting discussion about an architectural thesis. speaking of thesis, i promise i will be posting more updates on my own in the coming days; in totally unrelated news, some of you may be asking about the picture above, it is of famed russian architect vladimir tatlin’s proposed but never built, monument to the third international. the project was proposed after the bolshevik revolution of 1917 and of completely incomprehensible scale. furthermore it is one of the foremost example of constructivist architecture (i’m sure most people are more familiar with the stylistic kid brother, deconstructivism; we also had a stylistic homage in name only on a photo friday not to long ago). so, until tomorrow, stay warm.

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