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the happiness of architects


the latest issue of time magazine has a great piece called “america by the numbers.”  one of the more interesting sections is about americans’ happiness on the job, or rather, with their jobs.  according to time’s numbers architects are happier with their jobs more than almost every other profession with 53.5% of respondents saying they are, “very happy.”  only six other professions rank more highly than architecture does (with clergy at the top of the list).  in fact, only around ten professions posted “very happy” ratings over 50%.  i’d have to say this seem about right, despite the narcissistic, egotistical, masochistic approach we take to our profession i think it’s fair to say most love what they do (seems like a bit of a peripeteia, i know).  way to go architecture!

19 November 2007 - Posted by | architecture, society

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  1. dear geoff,

    i like your post : flexibility in architecture
    i really need it for my thesis reference.
    i want to know more abut flexibility in architecture. can you help me, please..

    please send me an email about this reply


    Comment by ndz is nandi | 20 October 2010 | Reply

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