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photo friday: ghostly visions

station-left-a2.jpg station-right-a2.jpg

so i mentioned last week i’ve been spending a lot of time in the darkroom recently. that being said, i finally got the chance to print some of the thesis related images i took. above are two of those images. intended to be a two-part photo, the idea of this composition and the others, in the series is to capture people in transition. ultimately the collection of images will become a personal documentary of the human aspect of flexibility and transition as it applies to my thesis. the technical information: i shot these photos using kodak plus-x 125 black and white negative film, hand processed and developed in a dark room. there are a couple of things about these photos that i love. first, the two-part perspective really captures the depth and the long perspective of the interior space. second, the long exposure did a phenomenal job at ghosting the people as they moved through the train station during morning rush hour. finally, the mood, i think the photos do a great job of capturing the hustle and chaos of the morning commute at the train station, and in a larger sense it’s a snap shot of the way we live.

16 November 2007 - Posted by | architecture, photo, society, thesis

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