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innovative cars


the new york times has an insightful article today about some of the new innovative automotive designs and technologies rolling off the production lines these days (including the three-wheel beauty, the venture vehicle, above, designed by ian bruce). the venture vehicle is the bizarre love-child of a motorcycle and a sports car. the car features a much smaller and lighter frame which inherently allows for improved fuel consumption. add that to electric hybrid motor and you have one good-looking fuel-efficient vehicle. head on over and read the full article for stories about a number of other new hybrid or all-electric cars currently in design, prototyping, or even production phases (naturally coming in all shapes, sizes, and powertrains).

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passive warming


i found this idea at yanko design this afternoon.  how smart!  designed of simple ceramic and sized accordingly, you can use your outdated radiator to keep coffee and food warm without expending extra energy to heat it, passively warming the way we live.

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