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for anyone who gets the sundance channel they have been airing an incredible series called iconoclasts. in its third season, the premise is the pairing two heavy-hitting icons of pop-culutre (not pop in the traditional mainstream sense but more like the contemporary sense) who relate to each other in pretty amazing ways. essentially, the two perform unscripted casual interviews of one another in the form of documented conversations. the topics discussed always seem to blow my mind. epsidoes that stand out in my head include dave chappelle + maya angelou, paul simon + lorne michaels, sean penn + jon krakauer.


the most recent pairing featured actor mike myers and philosopher deepak chopra was rerun last night. in it, the two discuss the universal larger picture and the difference between comedy and philosophy (including a phenomenal conversation in which mike myers says, and i’m paraphrasing, that there really isn’t any difference between “aha!” and “haha!”). myers and chopra’s conversation was extremely interesting and that’s what makes this show great: phenomenal pairings one wouldn’t ordinarily connect and genuine off-the-cuff conversations about life, happiness, and the way we live. if you get sundance, you should try and catch an episode; while it doesn’t appear the episodes are available to watch online they are available to download at itunes, however, sundance also reruns them all the time.

10 November 2007 - Posted by | society

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