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photo friday: looking up


i’ve been spending a lot of time in the darkroom recently working on a variety of sets of photographic projects.  one goes hand in hand with my thesis and is focused on the idea of people in transition.  unfortunately, i haven’t had a chance to print those frames yet (i’ll post some when i get that far).  however, i also spent some time trying to document some of chicago’s more or less iconic buildings from a similar pedestrian perspective.  furthermore i tried to isolate the buildings in order to emphasize their grandness and beauty.   both of these images were taken with kodak plus-x 125 black and white negative film, hand processed and printed in the darkroom.  the first is bertrand goldberg’s gorgeous marina city and the second is bruce graham and fazlur kahn’s (of som) john hancock center.



9 November 2007 Posted by | photo | 2 Comments