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chicago spire update


it’s been a couple of months since we talked about chicago’s mega project currently under construction, the chicago spire.  since then a series of subtle and slightly vague advertisements have been popping up everywhere around the city as seen below.


the ads serve as teasers at this point, simply peaking interest and garnering attention as you can’t yet purchase units (not that i’m aware of anyways).  nonetheless, there is a relatively new official website for the project.  the website is a great resource to learn a thing or two about all things chicago spire.  additionally, you can find a few more comments over at creative review blog here.


finally, i found a few interior renderings that i had yet to see (as pictured above).   while the space pictured is obviously one of the higher end units or hotel suites (judging by the size of the space, probably a fully floor penthouse unit or something similar) it is a gorgeous space with an equally stunning view.  i can only imagine what it would be like in a full floor unit with 360 degrees of city and lake skyline.

8 November 2007 - Posted by | architecture, modern


  1. I’m surprised they’ve started construction without any units sold! That’s a major investment risk I didn’t think developers took in what seems to be a cooling condo/housing market.

    I just came across your blog via wordpress, I have to say I greatly enjoy your posts 🙂

    Comment by greendweller | 8 November 2007 | Reply

  2. you’re right, it’s quite a financial risk (multi-billion dollar range probably) especially given the current market and state of the economy. the developer is somewhat of the rogue adventurous type and i’m betting he’s banking on the the combination of starchitect, iconic building/ name recognition, and sheer height to sell itself. as for the compliment, thank you! i’m glad you enjoy it, i hope you keep coming back.

    Comment by Geoff | 8 November 2007 | Reply

  3. I’m think that they’re building the Spire without tenants signed up yet in that if their plan for residential occupancy fails the developers could turn around and market the Spire to businesses and corporations seeking office space. Either way I don’t think the investors will have a problem filling the building up once it’s finished.

    Comment by Dan | 18 November 2007 | Reply

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