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monster ferris wheel


this afternoon gizmodo had a story about a monstrous ferris wheel just under construction in beijing, china.  costing an estimated $99 million dollars, the attraction will rise some 680 feet above ground.  slated to be completed in 2009 (it was orginally intended to be finished in time for the 2008 beijing olympics but design and construction delays hampered its progress) the wheel will feature 48 cars that can hold 40 people each (thats 1,920 people!).  of course the original ferris wheel was designed for a similar world-wide cultural gathering: the 1893 columbian exposition in chicago.  designed specifically in response to the crowd pleasing eiffel tower from the previous world’s fair in paris (1889 paris exhibition), the chicago wheel was the marvel of its time.  it was a 264′ wheel that was capable of carrying a staggering 2,160 people at once (36 cars).  the wheel was the centerpiece of the the fair and the infamous white city.

5 November 2007 - Posted by | architecture, modern, society, technology

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