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i wanted to take a moment and point out a pair of great illustrators (similar to those we’ve mentioned before), one through a digital portfolio and the other through a personal blog.  amy mckay is an illustrator whose images include both the picture above and the next two below this.


her web 2.0 digital portfolio is stuffed full of wonderful little gems to stumble through.  everything from the vibrant and bold watercolor at the top to the more whimsically playful wizard sketch below.


personally, i love the playfulness of the drawings and the emotion of the colors.   i could spend a long time on her website perusing (and i have).  you should check it out for yourself.


the second digital collection of illustration is the blog depublished.  in a very different style for amy mckay, depublished has a series of brilliant architectural sketches.  i’m a big fan of the building on a hill just above.


for me, i enjoy how depublished has taken the complexity of the structures and distilled them to their core iconic components, as if stripping the building down to its soul.  have a look-see.



31 October 2007 - Posted by | society, technology, web 2.0

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