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speaking of elegantly simple ideas, this lowly little innovative new biosensor technology is poised to save thousands of lives. this weed, known as thales cress, has been engineered by aresa (a danish biotech company) to actually be a biological mine detector. when in the presence of land mines the plant’s flower changes color, from naturally occurring green to a vibrant warning purple-red. this color-shift is accomplished by the plant’s engineered sensitivity to nitrogen dioxide, a chemical that is present in buried land mines and other explosives. this simple plant posses the ability to save innumerable lives the world over while at the same time making the jobs of those who clear land mines that much safer. to me, it’s a wonderful example of innovative design and technology being applied to improve the way we live and the safety of lives throughout the world.

30 October 2007 - Posted by | green, products, society, technology

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