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let’s try this again


so i must offer my sincerest apologies, as i have been derelict in my duties to keep things fresh around here.  sure things have been awfully busy, but everyone’s busy and i should have done a better job.  so then, in an effort to keep everything new and fun let’s attempt a slightly different format shall we?  perhaps one with a bit more structure so it’s both easier to follow and for me to keep up.  naturally, the focus will always continue to be the way we live, but let’s try this (and yes, i know the titles are a bit hokey, but that’s fun):

modern monday: hey, there’s always an abundance of new architectural projects out there to talk about.

technology tuesday: we’ll focus on some of the latest technologies, gadgets, and buildings that affect the way we live and the world around us.

web 2.0 wednesday: with the explosion of blogs and digital portfolios let’s take time once a week to highlight a few of the best ones, sites, artists, articles, etc.

thesis thursday: since, let’s be honest, this is really what’s eating up my time, why don’t i use it as a topic of conversation around here.  i can post updates and maybe get critiques and feedback.  i promise, it relates to the way we live.

photo friday: everyone loves so great photography, sometimes the shots will be my own, other times, better images that i find.

saturday prefab: as one of my favorite architectural typologies with so much going for it, especially in terms of energy efficiency and environmental responsibility, it deserves a day.

sunday grab bag!: who knows, anything is fair game.

keep stopping by for new content!

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