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afh in the ny times


like the little engine that could, architecture for humanity has been making a big splash as of late. not that long ago they kicked off their brilliant philanthropic open architecture network and just a couple of days ago we discussed their wonderful new funding campaign, the own a day program. today there is a flattering article about their biloxi model home program in the new york times.  the article is worth a read.  it’s incredible the amount of humanitarian relief that can be accomplished when organized, driven people are connected.  the biloxi model home program, being just that, set out to provide those displaced by hurricane katrina with new homes.  in biloxi alone over 3,500 homes with more than 12,000 residents were destroyed.  mr. sinclair’s group found a way to connect willing semi-local architects with those in need.  the process was extremely unique, letting a number of resident choose their architect based upon presentations and schematic designs; it was akin to an, “architectural flea market.”  naturally their were a host of various schemes and designs ranging from prefabs to vernacular architecture.  currently afh is working on securing funding to build 40-60 homes over the next 3-5 years in biloxi, mississippi.  bravo.

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