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a friend of mine who authors the blog itskleintime forwarded me a very interesting link from treehugger the other day.  the story is about a wonderfully insightful idea to use the space above our highways as wind farms.  not only is this economical in terms of space and infrastructure but its a logical choice for siting wind turbines as cars and trucks increase turbulent wind patterns along the highway.  the creative idea comes out of arizona state university.  treehugger’s article documents some of the statistical analysis of this proposal including baseline wind patterns that suggest each turbine could power a small apartment for a year.  note, however, that this math is done before considering the added wind turbulence provided by vehicular traffic.


in a similarly creative proposal i found over at inhabitat the ubiquitous, and traditionally heinous, jersey wall is employed to house a series of vertical axis micro wind turbines that generate power from the same turbulent air flow caused by traffic.  i find both of these proposals extremely creative and wonderfully efficient.  using exsiting infrastructure and taking full advantage of wind resources both natural and man-made is, needless to say, a great idea.  building integrated wind turbines of this sort can be such an integral part of a fully sustainble approach to building and living and should be pursued with great effort.

6 May 2007 - Posted by | green, urban planning

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