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nouvel in doha


one of jean nouvel’s latest projects is currently under construction in doha, qatar and scheduled to be completed in 2008.  the 45-story office building is making headlines for its surely iconic stature and unavoidably phallic form.  the project, however, is, like a great number of nouvel projects, full of culturally significant geometry and composed of a diaphanous and seemingly translucent luminous material.  what strikes me most about the structure is the unavoidable comparisons to mr. nouvel’s, sadly, unbuilt proposal for the tour sans fin in paris.  the tour sans fin, or “tower without ends”, was to be sited just near the grande arch and dissolve both effortlessly and seamlessly into the clouds drifting through the sky above (seen below).


excitingly the design for the doha office tower picks up on this conceptual dematerialization as the tower strives upwards.  i only wish the form of the building was more akin to the richly layered sequence of the proposed tour sans fin rather than the sleek organically curved shape it currently takes on.


in an interesting detail similar to other projects of mr. nouvel’s, like the brilliant institut du monde arabe, the skin of the doha office tower will be clad in arabic geometric patterns (above).   the ima had wonderful geometric sun-control diaphragms (below).


regardless the doha office is sure to be a breathtaking building when completed.  the culturally sensitive geometric detailing coupled with the dematerialization of the building’s facade are sure to leave a lasting impression upon anyone.


30 April 2007 - Posted by | architecture

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