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transparent cement


this is fascinating stuff.  treehugger this morning is reporting on a story about a newly developed transparent cement; and, as if that prospect wasn’t exciting enough, the stuff is capable of conducting electricity like a metal.  apparently, japanese researchers, “have altered the crystal structure of alumina cement and turned it into a thin, transparent membrane that conducts electricity.”  i for one am excited by the possibilities of both transparent cement and electricity conducting cement; walls could potentially carry electrical currents leading to a variety of breakthroughs and advantageous designs, not to mention possibly saving on the cost and production of miles of wiring and electrical cables (the picture above illustrates the description below).

  • “ordinary alumina cement made from a lime-alumina compound (c12a7) has a crystal structure consisting of asymmetric cages, making it a poor conductor of electricity. but by sealing the alumina cement compound along with titanium inside a glass tube and heating it to 1,100 degrees celsius, the researchers were able to create a homogenized, symmetrical cage structure that conducts electricity like metal.”

how strangely bizarre and wonderfully creative.  of course, similarly, we discussed the holy grail of concrete, litracon, a while back (note that concrete and cement are very different.  cement is one of a number of ingredients used in concrete.  concrete is the material of curbs, sidewalks, foundations, and many building cores and walls).  nonetheless it will be interesting to see where this new cement takes us.

12 April 2007 - Posted by | materials

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