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yesterday’s new york times had an article reporting that architect renzo piano has withdrawn from a boston project citing his disinterest in a project that would require the demolition of a well-known paul rudolph building from the 60s.  commonly known as the blue cross/blue shield building, rudolph’s building is beloved for is distinctly ornate facades that flew in the face of contemporary modernism of the time.  developer, steve belkin, was apparently insistent upon expanding the scope and size of the project.  this move necessitated demolition of the rudolph structure next door.  i’m ecstatic to see that mr. piano put his foot down in such a socially responsible way.  consequently the boston landmark commission has slapped a 90 day delay in demolition on the project so the situation can more readily be assessed.  belkin, however, has simply hired another firm to persue mr. piano’s design.  here’s hoping boston extends that 90 day injunction indefinitely.  mr. piano has always been an architect deserving of admiration.  personally, i can’t wait until his art institute expansion is completed here in chicago.  some of mr. piano’s other more famous project include the pompidou centre in paris and the tjibaou cultural center in new caledonia.

24 March 2007 - Posted by | architecture, society

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