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the other day i stumbled upon the wooster collective while procrastinating online. the wooster collective, “is dedicated to showcasing and celebrating ephemeral art placed on streets in cities around the world.” the website literally celebrates, documents, and displays street art and graffiti in a wonderful way. i’m reminded of two similar examples here: first, an old bldgblog post documenting a sort of reverse graffiti in which the artist actually created his images by cleaning dirt off the wall creating an inherently temporary ephemeral piece of art. second, i’m reminded of a post from a daily dose of architecture that was literally about “graffititecture,” which is essentially the art of using graffiti to intentionally decorate architecture. personally i love street art. naturally, in some cases, there are serious issues with destruction of property, but in plenty of situations and circumstances it’s harmless. as an art form, i find it extremely creative and somehow both intensely personal and overtly public at the same time. i love how street art begs the question, “is this private space, or is this public space?” most of all, i have a real affinity for socially conscious street art, or graffiti that engages the spatial user and forces them to think. regardless, head on over to the wooster collective and check it out.

20 March 2007 - Posted by | architecture, society

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