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fire station 18


i was over at architechnophilia this morning leafing through the post when i found this simple and stylish structure designed by gonzalo madrones viviani architects.  located in santiago, chilie, this bold new fire station is simply stunning.  in fact, arcspace has a wonderful piece on it complete with a host of images and floor plans.  while there is a subtle corbusien mordenism here with the appearance of the soft story and geometric design, fire station 18 is brilliantly designed inside and out.  the interior spaces (as you can see at arcspace or gmv) are crisp, clean, and fun.  i love how the vibrantly colored engines are literally on display and almost become part and parcel of the architecture.  furthermore, the engines begin to have a dialogue with the red squared facade.  for me though, the real magic happens at night.  as you can see below, the station literally glows as a beacon in santiago opposite the andes.  the engines are backlit and well-illuminated while the red squared facade of daytime gives way to a warm glowing spot-lit elevation.  go check out gmv’s project page or some of their other projects.


15 March 2007 - Posted by | architecture

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