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creative danish firm 3xn, located in copenhagen, is currently developing a very unique aesthetic for city dwellings.  seen here are the nordhaven residences.  composed of four towers organically situated on a city site.  the elliptical shape of the floor plates has seemingly informed the architect’s decision to slip and slide them back and forth.  this sliding has created wonderful arcing outdoor balcony spaces for the building’s users as well as provided a place to bring natural plant-life into the building.  the round nature of the structure exponentially reduces a number of forces applied on the buildings, including wind loads and, in turn, reduces the energy consumption.  additionally, the structural members can be downsized making the building, in fact, cheaper to build.  i find that the floor plates slipping past each other provides a wonderful graphic for the building as well as creates truly inviting outdoor spaces that, unlike most residential towers, actually grow right out of the building as an inherent part of the structure itself, not merely an applied feature.  finally, i love the organic site development; the natural nature of the building form and building organization makes this project really feel inviting.


14 March 2007 - Posted by | architecture

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