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deodorizing cfls


while i was perusing treehugger this morning i came across an interesting post about a certain compact fluorescent light bulb.  fresh² cfls do normal cfls one better.  included in the bulb is titanium dioxide.  i’m no chemist, but from what i read between the treehugger post and the company’s website is that the bit of titanium dioxide actually acts as a deodorizer.  this explains the use of titanium dioxide better than i:

  • there is a “photocatalytic reaction when exposed to the fluorescent light. this reaction releases electrons, or negatively charged particles. at the same time, a positively charged hole is formed in its place. this combination of negative and positive creates a very strong oxidizer called the hydroxide radical. odors that come into contact with the positively charged holes are broken down by these oxidizers into odorless compounds.”

so there you have it, buying a light bulb can not only save the world and save you money, but it can freshen the air within your home.

7 March 2007 - Posted by | green, products, society

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