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not too long ago we talked about a new, sustainable, outdoor clothing line by nau, well here’s a sustainable cleaning product line for your home: method.  i learned about method when i picked up a new bottle of hand-soaped over at target the other day and i am both impressed and encouraged by their business model.  method’s slogan is “people against dirty” and they aim to not just clean your body, clothes, and homes with their products, but to be clean and responsible to the environment in their manufacturing, products chemical composition, and packaging techniques.  method’s line of products is vast, everything from basic hand soaps and body lotions to all purpose cleaners and surfaces cleaners, as well as laundry detergents, fabric softeners, and a swifferesque mop complete with compostable and nontoxic cleaning pads.  method’s packaging is elegantly designed and totally recyclable.  their manufacturing process is clean and environmentally friendly.  their products are made of fully biodegradable, purely nontoxic, and environmentally friendly chemicals (if you can even call them chemicals since they’re all natural) that are never tested on animals.  best of all, their products work great, they are relatively inexpensive, and all available at target.

6 March 2007 - Posted by | green, products, society

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  1. I’ve always looked at these products from Method while traversing the aisles in Target. I’ve always thought that the packages are clean and well designed. Never picked up any of their products but now that you have mentioned how environmentally friendly they are, I may just have to try them out! Thanks.


    Comment by Gil | 8 March 2007 | Reply

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