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meet the ecospace studio. this small prefab is intended to be a sustainable studio space detached from your home. starting at about $35,000 for the base model, which i assume is the 3.6m x 3m version, the studio is completely environmentally friendly. sustainably harvested timbers and other environmentally friendly and recycled materials as well as a ready-made living roof create this tiny wonder. rest assured the walls are fully insulated and their is a capacity to heat the space as well. the unit itself rests on adjustable bearing shoes so no intrusive foundations are needed; consequently, the site remains undisturbed. while the base model is no more than a one room studio there are several significant options/module upgrades which include a kitchen, a bathroom, a bedroom, or a mezzanine. i love the idea of this simple respite space out in the back yard, somewhere to retreat and get some work done or just go and take a nice long nap. the small space is seemingly perfectly scaled, small but certainly not too small. the warmth of the materials used in construction really help to make this space so wonderful. so far it seems they are only sold in the u.k. here’s hoping they come to the u.s.


2 March 2007 - Posted by | architecture, green, prefab

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