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blue house


built in 2001 near the argentinian coast outside of buenos aires this stunning blue house commands a unobstructed view of 360 degrees of pristine, untouched, argentinian coastline landscape. now my spanish is awful so i apologize if i mistranslated any of the following details from arquimaster’s article of the darío antonietti, ignacio montaldo, eugene ottolenghi designed project. the project was built more than 100km away from the nearest town and, consequently, much of it was prefabricated off-site (this also helped in keeping the natural surrounding landscape untouched). the program is divided up amongst three floors and includes four bedrooms, living spaces, dining spaces, a kitchen, bathrooms, and generous outdoor patio/porch spaces. the prefabricated modules lend themselves to establishing the form of the building as well as creating the generous covered void spaces for the outdoor living areas. this is certainly a fascinating house and i can imagine it has simply commanding views. be sure to head over to the arquimaster article for more info (in spanish) and phenomenal pictures including prelim renderings, sketches, construction photos, and you can even find corbusien modular men in the sections.

27 February 2007 - Posted by | architecture, prefab

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