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hotel remota


the last post from south america reminded me of one of the most beautiful structures i’ve ever seen. published in architectural record in the december 2006 issue, hotel remota sits in puerto natales, chile, a three hour drive north of punta arenas which lies virtually at the southern tip of south america. designed by german del sol architects out of santiago, chile, hotel remota serves those who take the time to make a trip to the pristine wilderness of the patagonia region. resting just outside of torres del paine national park, the hotel offers a number of day-long or multi-day treks through the scenic mountain range and national park. the hotel and it’s 72 rooms blend ever so gently into the landscape with is low-slung design emphasizing the magnificence of the nearby mountains. the hotel is exquisitely constructed of precast concrete; other materials include native slate flooring, local lenga wood, and as seen here in the sauna, delicate smatterings of color within the hotel spaces.


the hotel’s floor plan was pulled apart programatically into a “v” shape that begins to define outdoor spaces and claim them as the hotel’s own while emphasizing its connection with the landscape. in an interesting detail the architects replaced all the grass under the building’s footprint on the hotel’s roof as part of a living-roof insulation system. i find the delicate nature of the skyline reflections along the glass facade beautiful and only surpassed by the reversal of light at night in which the hotel becomes a soft-glowing beacon along the patagonia horizon at the base of the mountains. german del sol’s simple, elegant, minimalism in conjunction with their delicate site treatment and purely striking aesthetic really hammer this design home.


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blue house


built in 2001 near the argentinian coast outside of buenos aires this stunning blue house commands a unobstructed view of 360 degrees of pristine, untouched, argentinian coastline landscape. now my spanish is awful so i apologize if i mistranslated any of the following details from arquimaster’s article of the darĂ­o antonietti, ignacio montaldo, eugene ottolenghi designed project. the project was built more than 100km away from the nearest town and, consequently, much of it was prefabricated off-site (this also helped in keeping the natural surrounding landscape untouched). the program is divided up amongst three floors and includes four bedrooms, living spaces, dining spaces, a kitchen, bathrooms, and generous outdoor patio/porch spaces. the prefabricated modules lend themselves to establishing the form of the building as well as creating the generous covered void spaces for the outdoor living areas. this is certainly a fascinating house and i can imagine it has simply commanding views. be sure to head over to the arquimaster article for more info (in spanish) and phenomenal pictures including prelim renderings, sketches, construction photos, and you can even find corbusien modular men in the sections.

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