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3-form chroma


i was leafing through the march issue of metropolis yesterday when i found an advertisement for this great product. called chroma, by 3-form, this diaphanous polymer panel is environmentally friendly. intended for interior uses in table tops, shelving, or non-load bearing interior partitions (no word on r-value so i doubt its suitable in thermal situations) it is nontoxic, highly durable, manufactured with low voc’s, and is completely recyclable.


coming in either one or two-inch thick panels the polymer is impregnated with a range of 27 brilliant colors covering two palettes: refined (a more subdued, organic, and standard range of colors) and bold (brighter, almost stained glass quality colors seen above). i love the ghostly colorful aura of the material, the gentle translucency. i bet this product would almost glow if you backlit the edges with led lights. unfortunately though it’s a rather pricey material.


aside from it’s leed certified manufacturing process and list of ingredients, 3-form’s business model for the product is commendable. chroma is intended to be recycled within a closed loop system as a technical nutrient; consequently, the company has options to lease, or rent, the material for a specified time. at the end of the lease one can simply send it back and the company will recycle it (i’m sure there’s an option to re-lease). in this way, 3-form ensures that the product will maintain it’s high quality and not simply be thrown away or downcycled.


26 February 2007 - Posted by | architecture, green, materials, products


  1. This is a beautiful, translucent, light-diffusing and multi-dimensional-looking material; but I can’t help wondering why they’re hyping the leaseback option. Is this pure green-ery on their part, or is there some predictable deterioration over time that requires periodic refinishing/recycling? Is there anyone out there who has continuous experience with this material over a three to five year period or is it too new for that?
    Also, the shipping costs are sky high, and I’m wondering if this reflects some special fragility???

    Comment by Annabel | 21 December 2007 | Reply

  2. HcnPpovd2OFrr

    Comment by Melvin | 7 January 2009 | Reply

  3. Pricey? Understatement. I was quoted 10K for a 42 Sq ft kitchen counter. I think I was just getting the blow off but I love the look and have searched incessantly to find it with no luck to this point. Any information to help me obtain it would be so greatly appreciated.

    Comment by Shannon | 9 September 2015 | Reply

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