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this first in a series of five design competitions has been announced by re:vision, a community for planners, designers, and thinkers. this competition, aptly called re:volt, aims to engage people to rethink and redesign the way we use energy in the urban environment. are there ways to make cities zero-energy? or better yet, instead of having negative or even no impact on the environment, could they have a positive impact? the website lists five hypothetical question to think about, but your competition entry certainly lisn’t imited to these:

  • how can industry stop polluting the air and water?
  • how can visitors generate energy for a building?
  • how can buildings capture the sun and the wind?
  • how can offices be more energy efficient?
  • how can homes lower their energy bills to zero?

the deadline for entry is 15 march 2007 but entries don’t have to be postmarked until 01 april 2007. judges will be using 3.1 items of criteria:

  • sustainability and reality of intent – 33%
  • affordability and constructability – 33%
  • innovation and originality – 33%
  • judges’ discretion – 1%

i think this is a fascinating series of competitions that should produce some dramatically successful ideas for rebuilding/redesigning the way in which we use, and even think about, energy. oh, and did i mention there will be seven prizes of $2,000?  winners should be announced in late april or early may. four future competitions to follow will include:

  • re:route – rethinking urban transportation
  • re:store – greening the urban economy
  • re:connect – rethinking urban planning
  • re:vision – sustainable architectural urban solutions

25 February 2007 - Posted by | green, society, urban planning

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