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a friend of mine told me to head over to banana republic’s website and check out their new advertising featuring architects…laughter promptly ensued. as you can see from above this isn’t exactly what one finds inside your typical architectural office. in fact, i’m not really sure where banana republic got this idea at all, seeing as the stereotype of architects is anything but. actually geoff manaugh over at bldgblog had a great link over to gawker on this topic. in turn, gawker has a simply hilarious “interview” with a working architect about this advertising and how interesting it is, some highlights:

  • frankie: well, firstly, these people look really well-rested and almost obscenely casual. if this were a real meeting, the model on the table would have some stray marks on it. more likely, it would be shattered in a million pieces on the floor.
  • frankie: if i were a high schooler with architectural aspirations seeing this, it would probably be too seductive to resist. five years in a design program, however, at a sufficiently respectable design school will bleed most of the color out of this person’s palette and leave them crushed and vulnerable enough to fully engage the profession.

actually, while you’re at bldgblog be sure to check out some other great posts as of late, including europe’s geological attics and north america vs. the a-241/bis device.

25 February 2007 - Posted by | architecture, society

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  1. […] help but laugh at how true some of the conversations are.  this site seems more accurate than the banana republic advertising we discussed was.  there are more “guide” sites […]

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