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prefabs by ikea?


as startling and ridiculous as that sounds it’s true.  i could barely believe what i saw: prefabricated homes for sale through a partnership with ikea.  swedish developer skanska and ikea (yes, that ikea) have coupled to produce the prefabs you see here.  they are aimed at families making 12,000-30,000 british pounds ($20,000-$60,000 usd for those of us on this side of the pond).  known as boklok these homes are quite charming to say the least though it seems, as of now, they are only available in scandinavia and the uk.


it was tough to garner any information about the sustainability of these prefabs (as half of the website was in scandinavian languages), but the fact that they are prefabricated, at minimum, means reduced waste, more quality control in construction, and greater selectivity in materials.  the affordability of these homes is phenomenal as well.  gearing them towards families with less means is a great idea; prefabs, by definition, should be cheaper (unless you spring for the cadillac model).  as you can see, the prefabs range from single family detached dwelling units to multi-family attached units.  as surprised as i am to find ikea selling prefabs in scandinavia i think they have done it right.  they’ve created quite attractive and very reasonably priced units coming in a wide array of styles, sizes, and configurations.


23 February 2007 - Posted by | architecture, prefab, society

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