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this morning i stumbled upon a very neat site called design:related.  the site is intended to be another social networking site akin to myspace or facebook.  unlike those sites however, design:related is geared towards a specific group of people: designers.  now there have been social networking sites for designers before like core77’s coroflot, but design:related is different.  it’s more flexible.  sure you can still find your typical job postings, member profiles, uploaded portfolios, and link with friends, but you can also network among inspirations, interests, and design fields.  say sustainability is your thing, you can add eco-architects, sustainable industrial designers, environmental texts, green manufacturers, and global warming champions to your list of inspirations and then find like-minded folks.  i think the narrow focus of this networking site, coupled with its flexibility and abilities in general, will make this a rather interesting place sooner rather than later.  go give it a look-see.

22 February 2007 Posted by | society | Leave a comment