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daylight in your basement


here’s a great new product; it’s called the solatube.  the solatube is essentially a system of transporting sunlight into previously unlit rooms within your house, sort of like a skylight with more potential and a greater cool factor.  similar to the suntracker one, manufactured by natures lighting, the solatube is mounted on the roof and uses a system of mirrors to optimally track the path of the sun throughout the daylight hours.  the architecture of the mirrors reflects the suns rays down a tube made of, “the most reflective material on earth” as the website says.  the actual sunlight can then make its way into rooms deep within your house where no sun would normally be.  no electricity is used in this process (i assume it means the mirrors are powered by photovoltaics) meaning you get light without using energy and the light itself, in effect, saves you from using energy in the form of incandescent or fluorescent lights within your home.  an interesting example of this savings can be found on the website for the suntracker one:

“at a new wal-mart supercenter in aurora, colo., 28 daylighting units save a total of $23,184 yearly, compared to fluorescent lamps totaling the same light output.  the savings would avoid producing 618,200 pounds of atmosphere-warming carbon dioxide, 1,793 pounds of nitrogen oxides, and 1,076 pounds of sulfur dioxide.  sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides pollute air, creating smog.  nitrogen oxides harm earth’s ozone layer.”

so their you have it, cool product, energy saver, and environment saver, what more could one ask for?



16 February 2007 - Posted by | materials, products

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