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led lights and greener cities


michelle wyman writes, “if cities chose to make all their buildings, products, and services, environmentally friendly, the financial, environmental, and health benefits would be staggering.” it’s a great point and something we’ve talked about before.  michelle, as director of the international council of local envrionmental issues (iclei-usa), is engaged in part of a five-week public dialogue called turning the ship: environmental transformation of the u.s. economy sponsored by  the argument here is the cities hold tremendous ability to sway the market with their incredible buying powerful and capabilities to rewrite local building codes and laws to enforce and encourage green building practices and sustainable architecture.  wyman cites four cities as prime examples of this idea: denver, colorado, new york, new york, chicago, illinois, and austin, texas.  wyman’s thoughts, entitled, “going green, buying green: the power of local government dollars,” can be found at  this forum is an excellent example of collaboration and ingenuity.  the ideas laid out by wyman are very succinct and extremely powerful.  i for one, agree that individual cities have undeniable power in reversing the direction of global warming through their local codes, laws, incentives, and buying power.  i love the truth in the idea that they can influence huge swaths of the market and public opinion in this way.

14 February 2007 - Posted by | architecture, green, society

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