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the folks over at worldchanging have a great article on the initiatives underway by mayor villaraigosa in los angeles to turn l.a. into the greenest city in the united states.  it’s starting to look like mayor daley in chicago has some serious competition as he has been on the same push for a couple years now aided by eco-design guru william mcdonough.  regardless the goals set out by the l.a. mayor’s office are pleasantly progressive.  first and foremost, the city aims to increase the number of leed certified green buildings throughout l.a.  newer, greener, architecture would pave the way for alarmingly less energy consumption city-wide.  they also discuss generating 20% of their power by renewable technologies by 2010 (they currently generate only 6% this way), via wind, solar, and geothermals to name a few.  water conservation is high on the list, in fact, the l.a. department of water services is the largest consumer of electricity in the state.  transportation is being addressed in the form of major pushes to increase car pool lanes, bike use, and implement a real system of mass transit including light rail (they aim to have all the city’s buses running on natural gas by 2008).  other initiatives include converting 70% of their wasted into recycled materials (ie, diverting 70% of waste from landfills) by 2015.  finally, among other initiatives is the plan to plant 1,000,000 trees throughout the city.  these are some phenomenal ideas; i for one, sincerely hope this happens.  l.a. has so much going for it already if they can implement a true mass transit system and green themselves in these ways they can add model city to the list of los angeles descriptions.

12 February 2007 - Posted by | architecture, green, society, urban planning

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