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american’s favorite buildings


a couple of days ago the american institute of architects (aia) released a poll in celebration of their 150th anniversary. the topic of the poll was american’s favorite buildings, the top 150 favorites to be exact. the list is rather intriguing to say the least. overall people tended to like big symbolic structures. blair kamin over at the chicago tribune had a great critique of the list and i must agree with him. fame seemed to trump quality every time. he notes some of the ranking order that “is sure to make architecture critics cringe.” interestingly he points out, the bellagio in las vegas was ranked higher than frank lloyd wright’s fallingwater in pennsylvania among others. surprisingly there were a great many spectacular omissions including the fact that there wasn’t a single mies structure on the list. as for chicago, they had 16 buildings, the highest ranked being number 31…wrigley field. the seemingly bizarre nature of the order and some of the structures that made it compared to those that didn’t really makes me think. it’s worth checking out.

9 February 2007 - Posted by | architecture

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